Cell with extensions for biophysics, and network functionality

Complex Type Information



QName Type Fixed Default Use Inheritable Annotation
name xs:string optional

Used By


<xs:complexType name="Level3Cell">
    <xs:documentation>Cell with extensions for biophysics, and network functionality</xs:documentation>
    <xs:extension base="mml:Cell">
        <xs:element name="biophysics" type="Level3Biophysics" minOccurs="0"/>
        <xs:element name="connectivity" type="net:Level3Connectivity" minOccurs="0">
            <xs:documentation>Note: from v1.7.1 the preferred way to specify a potential synaptic location is with a potential_syn_loc element under connectivity under cell, as opposed to the potentialSynapticLocation under biophysics under cell. The former will be the only option from v2.0</xs:documentation>