ChannelML_v1.8.1.xsd (import)

Definition of the elements needed for specifying electrophysiological 
  cellular mechanisms. Voltage/concentration dependent channels can be 
  specified, but also activity dependent ion concentrations (e.g. decaying calcium pools)
  and synaptic mechanisms.
  The mechanisms which can be specified by this schema can be mapped on into the scripting 
  languages of a number of common simulation platforms, e.g. NEURON, GENESIS. This mapping
  can be done a number of XML based ways, but XSL mappings are included with the 
  NeuroMLValidator code.
  The elements outlined below are linked together with with those in MorphML.xsd 
  and Biophysics.xsd in the NeuroML.xsd file to make Level 2 compliant NeuroML files

Schema Information