A synaptic type with facilitating and depressing amplitude.

Complex Type Information



QName Type Fixed Default Use Inheritable Annotation
decay_time TimeConstantValue required
The characteristic decay time of the conductance waveform
decay_time_2 TimeConstantValue optional
decay_time_3 TimeConstantValue optional
max_conductance ConductanceValue required
The maximum conductance of the channel
max_conductance_2 ConductanceValue optional
max_conductance_3 ConductanceValue optional
reversal_potential VoltageValue required
The reversal potential of the synapse, which (along with the membrane potential) will determine the current passing through the synapse when the conductance is non zero
rise_time TimeConstantValueIncZero required
The characteristic rise time of the conductance waveform

Used By


<xs:complexType name="FacDepSynapse">
    <xs:documentation>A synaptic type with facilitating and depressing amplitude.</xs:documentation>
    <xs:extension base="MultiDecaySynapse">
        <xs:documentation>Extends MultiDecaySynapse</xs:documentation>
        <xs:element name="plasticity" type="FacDep"/>