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<xs:element name="p">
    <xs:restriction base="xs:string">
      <xs:length value="0"/>


< abstract xmlns = "http://www.epo.org/exchange" lang = "en" >

< p>

The invention relates to an apparatus (1) for manufacturing green bricks from clay for the brick manufacturing industry, comprising a circulating conveyor (3) carrying mould containers combined to mould container parts (4), a reservoir (5) for clay arranged above the mould containers, means for carrying clay out of the reservoir (5) into the mould containers, means (9) for pressing and trimming clay in the mould containers, means (11) for supplying and placing take-off plates for the green bricks (13) and means for discharging green bricks released from the mould containers, characterized in that the apparatus further comprises means (22) for moving the mould container parts (4) filled with green bricks such that a protruding edge is formed on at least one side of the green bricks. <IMAGE>

</ p>

</ abstract>